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we did it!

The new clinic will open in February. Take a video tour.

Health care by the people,

for the people

in rural Guatemala

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Petén Health is dedicated to training, equipping, and mentoring community health workers in Petén, Guatemala.  By empowering community members to care for their neighbors, we strive to have quality, affordable, culturally sensitive health care available in the most remote rural villages of Guatemala. Learn more....


Help us continue to train community health workers to provide medical care in rural Guatemalan villages.

  • New Clinic Building

  • Teaching Facility

  • Dormitories

  • Community Health Workers training program

  • International support for complex cases

  • Local health worker in each community

  • Regular visits by advanced team

Petén Health is based in Windsor, California, USA

Our training center and clinic are in Petén, Guatemala

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