Waiting room serves as classroom, for now

In May, the Community Health Workers moved their work to a new space, an unused government clinic that they have permission to occupy for 5 years. The clinic itself is beautiful – much nicer than they are used to – but it lacks dormitories and classroom space. Lesley McGalliard, MD and her psychologist husband Richard Layman, who have volunteered in the region since 2002, traveled from the state of Washington to teach the first class in the new building. Lesley is a family medicine physician and Tropical Medicine Diplomate. Her ambitious goal for the week was to review material from the first two years of study, refine clinical interviewing skills and work on diagnosis. Here’s what Lesle

Latrine Day!

In May, the Community Health Workers (CHWs) relocated the Clinic to a new, temporary facility: an existing building that had not been in use. After a few days of busy clinic work, they realized that the bathroom facilities were NOT adequate for the numbers of people who were coming in for medical care. What to do? No problem! The CHWs, who are also jack-of-all-trades subsistence farmers, picked a work day and started digging. The new pit latrines are almost finished. And for those of you who cringe at the thought of pit latrines – we’ve always said, “The only thing worse than a pit latrine is indoor plumbing that doesn’t work.” Have a look at digging day:

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