Live from Windsor! Peten Health was on Facebook Live Streaming.

On a learning curve about non-profits and social media, Kate recently did several live streaming Facebook posts as part of an online workshop. Besides a great learning experience, she shared some of amazing background and stories from Peten. Here then, live 'on tape,' are the videos. Each is a brief window into Peten Health and Kate's dedication to the CHWs and this work. Enjoy! First up: Who gets medical care through Peten Health? How did a bicycle pump help to deliver medicine to a woman having an asthma attack? On day 2 of the live Facebook video series, Kate describes topics that the viewing audience can 'vote' on. Along the way she describes more about the people who come to be trai

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Petén Health is based in Windsor, California, USA

Our training center and clinic are in Petén, Guatemala

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