Amazing generosity in 2017 helped us grow...In Peten, keeping track of medications. Ideas from many

January 7, 2018 . Kate writes: Just spent an exciting weekend doing our first year of TAXES (not). We spent a lean 3% on operating expenses and surpassed the 33 1/3% requirement for public support in the FIRST YEAR. (Usually, non-profits get 5 years to work toward that goal.) In terms of our mission, we succeeded in buying land for the medical teaching center and are in the middle of designing the new building. Construction will start SOON! Thank you Kathy Cirksena, Sara Richards Emmanuel, Kelly Pfeifer, Christine Chmielewski and the community of old and new friends that has supported us in this exciting first year! January 12, 2018 CHWs Odilia and Miguel took inventory of medicines this wee

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