Suture is an important lesson for CHWs

March 2016

The ability to safely suture lacerations is vitally important to the community health workers in their farming communities, where accidental machete wounds are not uncommon. The week-long Suture and First Aid class teaches this skill and many more.

CHWs spend two full days learning about sterile technique, when to suture and when not to, how to apply anesthesia, how to clean a wound, how to place internal and external sutures, and how to evaluate for infection. On the second day, a pig is slaughtered and the CHWs get to work on skin that is as similar to human skin as possible. During the rest of the week-long course, we learn about burns, fractures, drownings, poisonings, and other emergencies. Often, the CHWs put their new knowledge into practice within days of returning to their home communities