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Mental Health Workshop for Advanced CHWs

The advanced community health workers (CHWs) shoulder enormous responsibilities. In addition to being subsistence farmers, at the mercy of the rains to keep their families fed, they also take on the stress of caring for their neighbors when health problems arise AND training new CHWs in neighboring villages.

This week they got a breath of fresh air. During a workshop on mental health taught by a psychologist from the city, they learned about stress, depression, and self-care techniques. As they practiced Active Listening, a skill they will use in their clinic work, they all agreed that it was healing to have people listen attentively to their struggles. After a few initial giggles, the relaxation techniques were also well received.

CHWs learn about mental health and self-care

CHWs listen to presentation about self-care and mental health

Practicing newly acquired relaxation techniques

Practicing relaxation techniques

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