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Live from Windsor! Peten Health was on Facebook Live Streaming.

On a learning curve about non-profits and social media, Kate recently did several live streaming Facebook posts as part of an online workshop. Besides a great learning experience, she shared some of amazing background and stories from Peten. Here then, live 'on tape,' are the videos. Each is a brief window into Peten Health and Kate's dedication to the CHWs and this work. Enjoy!

First up: Who gets medical care through Peten Health? How did a bicycle pump help to deliver medicine to a woman having an asthma attack?

On day 2 of the live Facebook video series, Kate describes topics that the viewing audience can 'vote' on. Along the way she describes more about the people who come to be trained as community health workers and shares more about the new building and some of the patient stories. Later in the week she will go into more detail about the topic the audience is most interested in.

In this segment, Kate describes how she teaches medical procedures to people with a fourth grade education. The example she uses is rehydration which is critically important when infants get diarrhea, which happens quite often in the villages.

In the last of the live videos in this series, Kate describes the facility that we are building and plans to have an architect come up to the site to start the planning process.

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