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Amazing generosity in 2017 helped us grow...In Peten, keeping track of medications. Ideas from many

January 7, 2018 . Kate writes:

Just spent an exciting weekend doing our first year of TAXES (not). We spent a lean 3% on operating expenses and surpassed the 33 1/3% requirement for public support in the FIRST YEAR. (Usually, non-profits get 5 years to work toward that goal.) In terms of our mission, we succeeded in buying land for the medical teaching center and are in the middle of designing the new building. Construction will start SOON! Thank you Kathy Cirksena, Sara Richards Emmanuel, Kelly Pfeifer, Christine Chmielewski and the community of old and new friends that has supported us in this exciting first year!

January 12, 2018

CHWs Odilia and Miguel took inventory of medicines this week, to make sure the clinic stays well-stocked. We purchase generic medicines at world market prices—much cheaper than in the US—and sell them at cost. Miguel has a ninth grade education, and Odilia has a 6th Grade education, but with specially designed proper training, they have become highly skilled at taking care of the health needs of their fellow villagers. Managing the pharmacy stocks is just one of their many responsibilities.


We are in the design phase for the medical teaching center in Peten, Guatemala! Friends in 3 different countries are helping to think this through, so we meet the needs of the Community Health Workers for years to come. So exciting! Can't wait to build!!

This early drawing shows the Medical Training Center building on the right and the clinic on the left. We plan to build the MTC first to house student CHWs and have a dedicated teaching space, the most critical needs.

A pencil draft floor plan shows more detail of the MTC such as women’s and men’s dorms, a kitchen and dining area.

CHW multitasking!

Based on his experience with the clinic and training CHWs, Mario has a lot of great ideas for what is needed and how to lay it out.


We spent the afternoon working on the Medical Teaching Center design. And old friend with some nifty software helped create some renderings. So exciting to watch it take shape! (At least virtually...) This perspective is looking at the teaching area ('salon' in the sketch above) and part of the dining area ('comedor'). The door in the foreground leads to the kitchen. One side is open to the outdoors. The design will maximize natural light and fresh air. Can't wait to see it in real life!

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