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Kate Visits Peten February 2018

Week of February 25. Kate is off to Peten where she’ll be making progress on building the new Medical Training Center and Clinic in the coming week. Although there are no classes to teach, there is always much to be done. Hiring the contractor and preparing for ground breaking are just two items on the list.

Thursday 2/22

Kate is packing for her trip. Every trip includes carrying supplies and equipment that are hard to get in Guatemala. This week we put out a call to friends and neighbors for spare blood pressure monitors and got several, plus a lot of very usable supplies for diabetics and other goodies. Grateful for people who stepped up on short notice.

Sunday 2/25/18

On her first day there, Kate has recorded a story by Martin a CHW who described how he handled administering medicine to a boy with an asthma attack when the electricity stopped. Ingenuity won out.

Kate’s first live streaming Facebook video from El Naranjo. Describing what she and the CHWs are planning and working on on a Sunday, including a surprise patient in dire need of stitches.

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